Allied Materials History

  • 1930s

    United Auto Parts is founded, providing automotive components as a warehouse distributor and via direct retail by the Pack and Glazer families;
  • 1939

    World War II decreases the available automotive components. Members of the Pack and Glazer families enlist and serve in both the European and Pacific Theater;
  • 1946

    Louis Pack, having served as a Naval officer in the Pacific, innovates a way to re-import military surplus as automotive components to meet the demand for automotive components post-WWII;
  • 1951

    Allied Materials is founded and begins refurbishing and supplying components to field 2.5 ton military trucks to support the Korean War effort;
  • 1965-1975

    Louis Pack reorients Allied Materials to focus on the growing defense contracting and manufacturing needs of the defense department. Allied becomes the prime contractor for the M16A1 weapon forearm. This expansion increases Allied's manufacturing capabilities, and coincides with an expansion into tank component manufacturing, which requires fielding two 10 hour shifts per day. Allied continues its expansion into government contracting by creating components fielded in the M51 Jeep, automotive components to service the 2.5-ton military transport trucks, and tank components;
  • 1976

    Louis Pack retires and begins the drawdown of defense contracting at Allied Materials;
  • 1979

    Louis Pack is succeeded by Steve Pack who utilizes the manufacturing excellence and expertise gained by Allied Materials to found Federal Procurement Consultants (FPC);
  • 1983

    FPC utilizes the wealth of knowledge gained from Allied's defense contracting to coordinate small manufacturers capabilities to seek out and win defense and federal contracts;
  • 1986

    FPC attempts to coordinate contractors to procure the M16 A2 Buttstock contract. Finding no suitable manufacturers Steve Pack reopens the manufacturing capabilities of Allied Materials. Allied Materials is selected and becomes the prime contractor for all M16 A2 buttstocks;
  • 1986-1998

    Allied Materials begins the coordination of manufacturing activities seeking out and winning federal contracts for Chembio Protective Systems. Supplying bioprotective units for our nation's fighter jets, and ground troops;
  • 1999

    Allied Materials seeks out the opportunity to supply American made textiles to the Veterans Administration, DOD, and GSA. Allied Materials became the first vertically integrated manufacturer of American flags. Allied revitalizes a textile industry in Bogalusa Lousiana acquiring the embroidery capabilities necessary for the manufacturing of American Flags;
  • 2001

    Allied Materials acquires Springbok Puzzles from the Hallmark organization, expanding the oldest American made jigsaw puzzle brand. Allied Materials revitalizes aging machinery and reintroduces a much-loved jigsaw puzzle brand to the delight of lifelong puzzle aficionados;
  • 2008

    Allied acquires a division of Law Enforcement, Military, First Responder focused picture and certificate frames from a local company during a reorganization. Allied grew this line by coupling its manufacturing capabilities with established channels of distribution;
  • Today

    Allied Materials maintains a diverse footprint in the manufacturing sector by continuing to innovate through technology, strategic partnerships, and community involvement. Allied Materials' foundation is built upon the manufacturing excellence learned over 50 years of service and dedication to this countries highest institutions. It is this foundation that will continue to carry Allied Materials forward for its next 50 years.